SAMe Review For Depression & Anxiety.

Before I had started taking prescribed medication during a time that I was adamant about not going to the doctor I had decided to seek out alternative methods that were available either naturally or over the counter due to my anxiety centered around doctors and medical facilities in general.

After a while searching I came across a product that is commonly overlooked, in fact you might have even passed it once or twice in your local pharmacy or supplement center of your supermarket!

A box labeled SAMe (S-Adenosyl Methionine), at first I was skeptical about taking anything in general, especially something that was labeled vaguely to be for “Joint Health & Mood.” any type of pill out of the fear that it would wipe me out or change my emotional balance in some way like I would stop being me or something irrational like that.

But after some time I, with the help of my mother and some research on the internet, I was convinced to try it to see if it would change how I felt and possibly soften my symptoms for my depression and anxiety.

I was surprised to learn that in the past this dietary supplement was used in Italy as a prescription Antidepressant but is no longer considered such in modern medicine. However in human trials had shown to still be equally as effective as such minus the negative side effects.

At first I was unimpressed, however like anything that is supposed to affect brain function and mood it takes time to really build up in your system to take full effect. The difficult part was trying to stay consistent in taking it every day for the week that followed.

But much to my surprise as the week went on I began to notice that I had more energy than I had before, and slowly but sure enough I had the essence of what seemed to be an appetite. With food in my belly and more energy I found myself wanting to be in the sunlight more and my mood though still fragile at times felt overall stable.

The longer I was consistent in taking the supplement the better I felt, as this supplement regulates particles in our body that are essential to mood and brain function like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

My mood was stable and at home the random panic attacks that I used to suffer seemed to become minor if not skip whole days entirely without having an attack.

The single notable downside of taking SAMe specifically for anxiety is that it was not strong enough to completely deal with my agoraphobia or extreme anxiety.

However I still would highly recommend this product for cases of minor to mild anxiety! 

  • Depression: 9/10
  • General Anxiety: 8.5/10
  • Agoraphobia: 5/10 



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