Sometimes you find yourself stumbling through life, sometimes skipping, and occasionally a good freefall every now and again.

Here is where it makes sense to fall down the rabbit hole, to all of the sudden realize that you are a ghost inside of a piece of technology living vicariously through the lives of your friends who happen to be all sorts of monsters themselves.

You yourself might have discovered that you yourself, are in fact a ghost. And, that you found yourself wandering into this blog trying to find a way to connect to the real world somehow just like me. Don’t worry, you will learn how in time, in your own special way. But remember, that being a ghost isn’t all bad! We are only seen when we want to be.

You don’t have to be afraid of being lost, of being unsureĀ or having to wander through lives perils and purgatories. It is okay to wonder, to want things for yourself, and to find the trail that leads you to nothing short of exactly what you want. No matter how long it may take.

Ghosts like us have always happened to find a way to float through walls in life. Barricades mean nothing to you when people aren’t even sure you really exist. Sure we are limited in our interactions but our experiences are all the more raw and real, reaching us at the very essence of our being.

It is time to find the monsters that are compatible with you and to shock the pants off of the world one haunting at a time.

We are going to prove we exist. That we have a place here. And show the world that our existence really meant something.